Alessandra de Michelis di Slonghello is the creative mind behind all aspects of Anitalianway Ltd.

A keen collector and artist as well as a designer, Alessandra is committed to the promoting of Italian culture in the UK.

The uniqueness of her accessories is the result of Alessandra's passion for collecting beautiful and rare antique objects and her deep love for her country and the colours of her native Rome.

As the daughter of an ambassador, Alessandra has travelled abroad extensively and lived in countries such as Algeria, Belgium, Egypt, Switzerland, Lebanon, Romania and of course Italy. She speaks Italian, French, English and Spanish and now lives in London from where she travels frequently to Rome to research and source her materials.

After obtaining her Baccalauréat at the French Lycée in Cairo, she then graduated from the La Sapienza University in Rome in History of Art and completed a post graduate course at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS – University of London) in Islamic Art while doing an internship at Sotheby's in the Islamic department. Having then worked for Lola Inc in New York in the 1990's, she then launched Lola's fine hats in the UK and shortly after set up her company.

Since then, Alessandra has been developing her skills not only as as an artist but perhaps more importantly as an ambassador for her country's traditions and culture. Being herself a perfectionist, Alessandra is meticulous, and spends a great deal of time carefully studying each piece of any collection before approving a new designer for her next Event.

Her accessories are available through various antique shops and boutiques in London and Gstaad, and she is often invited to sell at craftsmanship events in Italy. Her main Sale Event is scheduled during the month of December each year in London while smaller events often are organised during the spring and summer months.

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